A Queen Arts School簡介 香港區X-Pole合法代理及產品陳列室 香港區及大中華區X-Pole指定合作機構 香港政府正式註冊合法運動舞蹈學院場地 場地乎合政府要求的消防, 學院, 課程的機構註冊(非住宅及非工業區) 國際及大中華鋼管舞訓練指定機構 鋼管舞學員及高級導師証書頒授機構 國際管理及教練技巧課程設計中心 Hong Kong region X-Pole authorized reseller and products showroom Hong Kong region and China X-Pole designation co-partnership Hong Kong Government official registered authorized fitness dance school School in accordance with the Government required fire-fighting, school, courses of institution authorize. (Non-residential and non-industrial area) International and China pole dance training designation institution Pole dance students and Senior tutor certificate awarding institution International management and coaching skills courses design center


九龍油麻地彌敦道493號展望大廈12字樓 12/F, Prospect Building, No. 493 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong