Life yoga (太古城)簡介 LifeYoga Kornhill Club 康怡會所— 坐落於港鐵太古城站上蓋康蘭居9樓,交通便捷,共享港島東唯一大型私人康體會所格蘭會十萬尺的專貴空間。 Located in Taikoo City MTR Station Kornhill Apartments, share with Grand Waterfall spacious environment the only one private recreation club in Island East. LifeYoga 瑜伽會所開設多種類的課程,例如哈達瑜伽、高溫瑜伽、伸展及動感瑜伽等等; 此外,我們亦開設全港首創治療瑜伽班,舒緩常見的壓力及痛楚,令您享受到瑜伽真正的樂趣。我們亦特設 Yoga For Golfer,專為喜歡打高爾夫球人士而設。課程主要改善專注力和柔軟度 LifeYoga have variety of yoga classes such as hatha, hot yoga, yin and flow classes. In addition, we also have yoga therapy class that can relive the stress and pain of the neck, shoulders and the lower back. We also provide the yoga class for golfers that emphasis on the improvement of concentration and flexibility of major muscles used in golf activity.


鰂魚涌康山道2號 康蘭居9樓